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With the referendum on Britain’s continuing EU membership less than three months away, employers in all sectors are busily debating the positive or negative impact that a ‘Brexit’ (BRitish – EXIT) from the European Union would have on their business. While we are not in a position to advocate one position or the other, it is interesting to read some preliminary opinions from people working within the recruitment industry.

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Temps are common feature of workplaces up and down the country, ranging from small IT support firms to large call centres and warehouses. Many companies find fixed term contracts to be a convenient and affordable way of hiring staff, and it is the preferable option for many contractors as well. However, the question we are often asked is what are the comparative benefits of hiring temps versus having a permanent member of staff (and what are the costs involved).

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Data drawn from advertised roles and the ONS Labour Market Statistics suggests that while there are 936,500 vacancies, there are only 887,700 jobseekers. This roughly equates to 95 candidates for every hundred positions, a stark contrast from October 2013 when there were 169 candidates for every hundred vacancies.

So what does this mean for recruiting businesses?

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