We believe that sharing is caring, which is why we openly and readily share our recruitment knowledge and expertise with both our clients and candidates. From helping businesses understand what to search for to assisting candidates to be the best version of themselves in interviews, our extensive collection of useful recruitment guides has everything you need to know about the recruitment process.

First Base Employment has decades of experience in the job market. We’ve spent years understanding exactly what makes a winning candidate application, and how to create a successful job listing. Having a wealth of recruitment knowledge, our team wants to share this expertise and advice with our candidates and clients as much as we possibly can, making the recruitment process smoother and simpler for everyone involved.

Having successfully placed over 16,000 candidates in roles since 1997, First Base Employment has a superb history of helping our candidates’ careers and clients’ businesses thrive. Offering expert support and advice throughout the duration of the recruitment process, our recruitment experts go above and beyond to support everyone we come into contact with – whether that be through direct support or our range of insights and downloads.

From CV-writing and interview preparation tips to professional advice on what to look for in your ideal candidate, First Base Employment has you covered

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Our top tips and insights on looking for the ideal candidate

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