“Giving something back” might seem a trite phrase in the hard headed world of business, but at First Base we believe it’s our social duty as well as making sound business sense.

Since founding First Base in 1997, MD Tricia Hay, has supported the aims of ‘Business In The Community” and is a firm believer that the prosperity of business and the local community is inextricably linked.

When a business strives to be the best it can be as a responsible business, there is a positive multiplier effect that benefits society, the economy, the environment and business. As a recruitment business working with hundreds of local companies and thousands of job seekers, we feel particularly well placed to be a positive influence.

What we do

All of the First Base team gets involved in how our business can act as a force for good by helping to create a skilled, inclusive, diverse workforce and how we contribute to building a thriving local community.

It starts with a team who love what they do. Helping employers find the right people and individuals to find their dream job is extremely satisfying work!

First Base Education

We’ve learned a lot over the years about recruiting and retaining the best people as well as how to help job seekers with their career progression. We freely share that knowledge and other useful information through our blogs, videos, social media and ‘Insight’ papers.

From job fairs to graduate recruitment events, from mock student interviews for to seminars for business owners and active support for National Star College – every week our team is doing something to “give back”.

Straight Talking Seminars

We’re passionate about building a responsible business and equally passionate about helping other businesses to understand how to build a successful enterprise.

Our Straight Talking Seminar programme goes beyond our core expertise in recruitment to providing world class, no nonsence and practical seminars on a range of business topics from employee engagement, well being at work and leadership to marketing and sales. Working with both the Gloucester and Cirencester Growth Hubs we are currently delivering a programme of interactive workshops on social selling – influencing local businesses to grow sales based on a trust based, ethical approach to winning business.

What do we get out of it?

Fundamentaly we commit to playing our part as a responsible business because we believe it is the right thing to do. We sleep well at night and gain enourmous personal statisfacion.

On the other hand we couldn’t invest time, energy and money if we were not a successful business.

A bi-product of that investment is the amazing reciprocity from our own team, individual job seekers, employers and our suppliers. It is their support for First Base that has helps us to continue to grow and play our part in the community.