You’ve researched endless job listings, tailored your CV and personal profile, attended career fairs, updated your LinkedIn profile, sent in your job applications and met with a few potential employers. When you are searching for the right job, there can be good days and not so good days. Sometimes it can seem as if you are not making much progress. Maybe the job offers you have received are not quite right for you, maybe you are still waiting to get some feedback following an interview or you might have just missed out on a job offer after being shortlisted.

How do you stay positive and focussed on your end goal of finding the right job for you? We got the First Base team together and came up with 5 things you can do to stay motivated while you search for your dream job.

Remember that the situation you are in is temporary, it won’t last forever and soon enough you’ll find the role you’ve been searching for. It can sometimes seem as if you’ll always be in this situation, but this isn’t the case, you will find something.

1. Start your day off on the right note

The way that you start your day often defines how the rest of it will go. After a good night’s rest to recharge your batteries, set an alarm so that you can make the most of the higher levels of productivity that you will have in the mornings. Try to establish a daily routine including start times, job search sessions and breaks so that you can quickly settle into a routine. Make sure you prepare well for interviews and keep up to date with what employers are really looking for.

2. Set yourself some daily goals

Every morning, think about what you want to achieve that day and list your goals and actions in a ‘To do’ list on paper or using the reminder feature on a smart phone These can then be checked off and provides you with a structure to keep you on track towards your end goal of securing your job. Remember, you don’t need to stick to these slavishly, if something isn’t working then adapt it and reprioritise the actions you need to take.

 3. Stay Positive

If you encounter a setback, remember that some of the reasons could be beyond your control. You are not alone, a lot of people are seeking new job opportunities and there will inevitably be some rejections. If you get a rejection it is often because someone else that applied is considered to be a better fit. Keep in mind that when you do get the job offer you want, someone else will have received a rejection.

If you receive a rejection try to turn this situation to your advantage by asking for feedback. This will help you to identify the things that you need to work on in time for your next application. If you are having a particularly quiet day in terms of positive responses, it could be that you need to alter your strategy. Think back to your most recent successes and ultimately remember that the right job is out there for you and keep going.

4. Make the most of your support networks

If the search becomes slightly overwhelming, take some time off with your family and friends who will be able to support you and offer advice on how to move forward. Friends who are also going through the same thing will also be able to share tips with you or could perhaps put in a word for you if their organisation is hiring. If you are working with a recruitment consultant, ask for their honest feedback and advice.

Check out our advice on building your personal network to boost your career opportunities.

5. Work smarter!

Register with a recruitment agency and take advantage of all the help and advice available to you from your consultant. We can help you with your CV and put you forward for opportunities where we feel there would be a good fit. When we introduce you to an employer there is much higher chance that they will interview you. Call us, register on line or pop in to meet us, you can be sure of a warm welcome!

Remember starting the search is a challenge but maintaining a high level of motivation throughout the search will mean the difference between securing a job sooner rather than later.  Staying positive and motivated are the best qualities to keep you going and it will be worth it once you come to start your first day in your new job!

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