The UK’s unemployment rate edged lower to 3.9% in first quarter of 2019. The employment rate hit a record high – and it is creating issues for employers seeking to recruit good people.

We have experienced some great companies having their job offers turned down by exceptional candidates in recent months. Good candidates are getting multiple job offers and we notice more and more are being given a counter offer when they announce to their current employer that they are leaving.

So why are some companies struggling to recruit?

  1. The role is not well defined

There is an increased need to properly and accurately describe the actual role you are recruiting for to candidates. Outline the role as it really is today or you risk losing a new recruit in the first few months. Don’t just highlight the best parts of the job or how it might look in the future – and don’t hire for part time when what you really have is a full time job. A new recruit hired part time being pressured to work extra hours isn’t a great motivator.

  1. Offering the right rate for the job

It’s a job seekers market right now and failing to offer at least the market rate is unlikely to attract the best candidates.

  1. Providing personal development opportunities

Every good candidate wants to know what opportunities there are for development. Failing to provide a personal development and progression plan is a big switch off for many good people.

  1. Company values

There is a whole new generation of talent who want to be paid well for a job well done AND to know that their personal values are aligned with those of their employer. Social issues and community awareness are high on their agenda.

  1. Making time for recruitment

At First Base we can help and support organisations to save time and money, Never the less, there remains a requirement for the right amount of time and attention to be allocated internally to ensure interviews are effective and that candidates get the best impression.

  1. A long recruitment process

Being decisive is becoming really important. Some organisations simply take too long to make a recruitment decision and then lose the candidate to a more switched on company.

  1. Health and wellbeing

It’s would be difficult to miss how big this is right now. Organisations need to be serious about wellbeing at work, not just because it is expected but because it is the right thing to do. The more an organisation shows it really cares, the more attractive it is an employer.

  1. Knowing what’s great about you as an organisation to work for

Every job and every company has things that are great about them.  In order to stand out from other potential employer’s, an organisation needs to know who they are trying to attract and what will motivated them to want to work with them.

We work closely with our clients to make sure they are in the best position to recruit. Working with hundreds of top employer has given us a lot of experience about what attracts (or turns off) good people. If you would like to know more about we can help you to find the right people call 01453 755330 or email