No candidate would get very far in the recruitment process if on their CV or during interview they suggested they would give 100% in a new role based on that old employee ‘joke’ –

give 100% at work12% on Monday, 23% on Tuesday, 40% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday and 5% on Friday. 

A joke maybe, but if you are an employer, it’s certainly not funny if you are paying people their full salary for anything less than 100% effort. Whatever your job, the amount of effort you put into it will play a significant part in your potential progression, your career path and future prospects. Even if the job is something you don’t like very much, there are still benefits to giving it all you’ve got. While we might day-dream of just simply not showing up for work one day and moving on, burning bridges can easily hurt chances of future employment or opportunities. You want to give every job you do the most positive effort you can. Even if you leave an employer it’s much better that you leave with everyone wishing you’d stayed rather than happy that you departed!

Job Security

Employers are more likely to keep on individuals that show dedication even in a down time. Someone who puts 100% in their daily lives can secure their position within nearly any company regardless of the organisations situation.

Promotion and pay

Employers are more likely to provide more opportunities to those who do a little more than they are paid to in order to help to benefit the organization. If more work is being completed than expected, good employers will often offer better pay in order to keep you motivated.

Re-hire value

Leaving at the end of a temporary contract or after a period of permanent work with a positive reputation as a hard worker, dramatically increases your chances of being re-hired. On the other hand, leave with a less than favourable reputation and you may find doors permanently closed.

Job references

Even if you didn’t like your previous job, by giving it 100% of your skills and effort you help your position elsewhere if the prospective new employer calls your previous one for references. You want to create good word-of-mouth advertising for yourself and giving your best could go a long way to doing that.

Be respected by the team

Having a reputation as a shirker, getting away with doing as little as possible will not help your reputation with colleagues. As long as you are not always self- promoting, other people on the team will look up to you as someone who sets a good example.

Managers listen

Have a good work ethic and your ideas for improvements or efficiencies are more likely to be listened to by management.


 Even in a job that you don’t much like. Nothing is better for your self-respect than knowing you are doing your personal your best.

Whether you are in your dream job or not, putting effort into your work can benefit you on multiple levels. When you are looking to progress in your career, or simply secure your position, putting 100% of what you’ve got into the task can secure your future in a variety of ways.

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