With record numbers of people in work (32.54m and rising according to the Office of National Statistics in January 2019), it is not surprising that employers are increasingly turning to trusted Recruitment Agencies to find the talent they need.  How clients work with their Recruitment Consultants has changed and there are more reasons than ever for businesses large and small to use a reputable agency. We have certainly seen clients now spreading the net to find the candidates they need.


Advantages of using a Recruitment Agency:

Candidates, not applicants

It takes effort and time to attract applicants whether they are responding to your advert, applying on spec or through your website. Inevitably a lot of time will be invested in filtering, assessing, matching and communicating with people who apply for the roles you have available. It’s at this time that the best talent is often lost due to delays and a poor applicant ‘experience’.

A good Recruitment Agency will only present you with candidates – job seekers that have already been screened and selected because they match the criteria you are looking for and are worthy of interviewing.

Save time

Recruitment is a time consuming activity. By using a Recruitment Agency you save time dealing with the application process, screening CV’s and avoiding initial interviews with people who turn out to be unsuitable. You and your own team save time on dealing with the whole recruitment process as they deal with everything from application through to providing feedback to candidates on your behalf.

Reach and Connections 

Hard pressed HR or in house teams benefit from the long established reach and networks of a trusted recruitment partner. A good Recruitment Agency can generate a shortlist for interview faster than an in house resource because they working full time on building the networks and connections where high quality candidates can be found. Recruitment Agency web sites attract people seeking a career change every day, this provides a data base of talented people that can be matched with the employment opportunities you have

Fast access to key skills

At the top of the list of reasons for using a Recruitment Agency for many companies, is short term access to the key skills they need to cover leave and demand peaks. With high employment it’s not surprising that there is pressure on recruiting temporary staff as well a permanent staff. A good Recruitment Agency will have great relationships with their bank of workers, will track their availability and be able to place them in short term roles very quickly.

Promote your employer brand 

A Recruitment Agency will position your company and promote your business to appropriate candidates. Whatever the size of your organisation, it is always helpful to have someone who understands your business, can answer questions that may arise and who is on your side to sell your company at a time when there are many more employment opportunities for good candidates.

Expert Knowledge 

With consultants that specialise in specific sectors, a Recruitment Agency provides a wealth of knowledge that helps them to understand the skills and characteristics required of a specific role. This helps them to refine their search and put forward the most appropriate candidates. Sector specialists can advise on how to attract the right candidate and what salary range is considered competitive in the local area.

Long term relationships 

A good Recruitment Agency is interested in building long term relationships with their clients. They develop a deep understanding of how you work and become a part of your team, available when you need them and ready to find the people you need to achieve your organisations goals and objectives.

Why First Base?

With a reputation for being reliable, responsive and well connected, the First Base team has matched hundreds of businesses with thousands of candidates since 1997. Do get in touch if you would like to find out more about how we can help you.

David Tovey and Tricia Hay