I recently wrote about the importance of building a good relationship with your recruitment consultant when seeking a new role or career. Here’s another example of how well it works for candidates who are proactive and willing to learn!

The candidate who wrote the testimonial below didn’t just send off her CV, as soon as she had done some research into First Base she came along to our offices to seek career advice on how to improve her chances of getting the type of job she was hoping for. By taking responsibility to build a relationship early she was able to help a member our talent resourcing team to get to know her and find the right type of opportunity. The kind comments made after receiving a job offer proves the point!

“Having just finished a contract, I dutifully sent my CV off to a few agencies for work having perused their websites and what vacancies they represented.  A good gut feeling made me call First Base, not just for work but for some career guidance and advice.  From the first point of contact with the member of staff who answered the phone they positively directed me to the right person I needed to talk to … a Talent Resourcer; Flo Bond. The next working day I was in for an interview and within a few days out to a major client of theirs for an interview as Flo had the foresight of seeing me fit in well within the organisation.  I proudly have a job offer with this company which I have accepted.

There are a lot of Employment Agencies presented on social media but nothing replaces the chance of a face to face meeting with a professional.  I absolutely recommend First Base Employment.”

Don’t just send off your CV with fingers crossed – be proactive, speak to your recruitment consultant, demonstrate your enthusiasm to learn and you too could soon be finding the job you are looking for!

Be proactive – Contact First Base today on 01453 755330!

Tricia Hay – MD First Base Employment