Understanding how your recruitment consultant works with employers can really help you to find the job opportunities you are looking for.

On a day to day basis, most recruitment consultants are working to find candidates for their clients – potentially your future employer. Recruiters are paid by the client to find the right person for the jobs available. The more you can do to help them identify you as the right person, the easier you make it for them to deliver a great service to their clients.

Consultants need to know about you and your skills but they also need to know they can trust you to attend interviews and that you will make a conscientious and committed employee. Building a great relationship with your recruitment consultant will make sure you are top of mind when it comes to filling vacancies.

Top tips

  • Meet consultants in person – make an appointment
  • Present an up to date, tidy, spell checked CV
  • Ask about how you can improve your opportunities for interview
  • Ask for tips on training, skills and experience needed
  • Be flexible about roles, pay, hours and location
  • Stay in touch regularly – remind the consultant that you are keen to work
  • Build a reputation for being reliable
  • Be punctual and return calls
  • Connect with your consultant on social media

By helping your recruitment consultant to understand more about you and your motivation for find work you help them to do the work they are paid to do – find the right person for their clients.


Trica Hay