So you’ve got that job interview coming up — how prepared are you? You might know that you’re the best person for the job, but will you be giving the best interview?

One major hurdle between you and the job of your dreams is that first interview and the other people you’ll be up against. What’s the best way to get an edge over the other candidates?


Dress to Impress and to Show Your Professional Nature

You should treat a job interview as a practice day at work. Dress as if you have the job already and are going for a day’s work in the office. This could range from smart-casual to full business wear. Whether you are applying for business manager or office temp, it’s a good idea to think about the tone of the office you are interviewing for. Is this the sort of place where ties are obligatory or seen as old-fashioned? Try to avoid wearing strong perfume or aftershave — these can be very off-putting.

If you are in doubt about how to dress, go for the smarter look. Nobody ever lost a job for looking too smart. Make sure you’ve got the fine details down — clean shoes, ironed shirt. Make sure your bag, if you have one, is neatly packed. Rifling through chocolate wrappers and receipts isn’t a good first impression!


Give Them a Winning Attitude and a Winning Smile

The first thing to remember about attending for an interview is that being on time is crucial. It shows that you are punctual and will bat means that, according to the Template Hierarchy, the correct file to use to define a custom blog posts index is the home.php template file, and not a custom pe a reliable worker. If you are worried about being late, it’s better to turn up far too early. Better to spend twenty minutes in your car or a cafe then leave the interviewers waiting. Being late can give the impression that you aren’t invested in the interview or are easily confused by public transport.

When you walk into the interview, remember to smile. A smiling candidate seems more confident, enthusiastic and open to the interviewer — and that can give you that extra advantage over the other candidates. A good smile is often the thing that makes the biggest first impression. If you’ve had lunch just before your interview, don’t forget to check your teeth in a bathroom mirror for errant spinach. Dental care is important and says a lot about you as a person. We might all find it funny (or sad) that someone tried to repair their front teeth with false nails, but damaged or decaying teeth are one of quickest ways to ruin a first impression.

Demonstrating a positive attitude shows your potential employer that you are a good person to work with and will bring positive energy to the office dynamic. One thing is key with a smile, though — don’t fake it. If you’re smiling but it doesn’t reflect your mood, firstly you might not be in the right place — don’t apply for a job you don’t want — and secondly it’s obvious to the interviewer.


Make Sure You’ve Done Your Research and Can Back up Your CV

You may have been encouraged to massage your CV a bit, but in an interview situation, lies are quite easy to spot. Make sure you’re prepared to talk about your work history and don’t inflate your job roles.

Prepare for your interview with a mind map, writing down different points about each role covered in your CV. think of examples of your achievements in the role and other elements you might want to discuss.

Do your research on the company — you’ll be asked if you have any questions, and this is often key to the success of the interview. You need to know how you’ll fit with the company and what you can bring to your employers. Ask and answer questions concisely, and be prepared for difficult questions.

By being prepared, confident and dressed for success, you can make the most of any job interview.


Thank you to Dr Phillip J Townes BDS – lead dentist of Townes and Townes dentistry practice in Stonehouse