Data drawn from advertised roles and the ONS Labour Market Statistics suggests that while there are 936,500 vacancies, there are only 887,700 jobseekers. This roughly equates to 95 candidates for every hundred positions, a stark contrast from October 2013 when there were 169 candidates for every hundred vacancies.

So what does this mean for recruiting businesses?Hiring is going to become more difficult, with more competition for the strongest candidates. Whereas a couple of years ago candidates were fighting for vacancies, the tables have turned and employers may struggle to find the candidates they want. Candidates salary expectations will rise and this is where recruitment agencies can help.

By looking at all the candidates and all of the vacancies, we can eliminate many of the competitive aspects of the job market and find candidates who are suited to your business as well as your vacancies. Whether it’s short term or permanent staff, we can help you find qualified candidates, in an environment where they are going to become increasingly scarce.

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Tricia Hay

Tricia Hay is Owner, Director of First Base Employment Limited