LinkedIn has taken off in a big way as a platform for employers to connect with potential candidates. Never before has there been such an easily accessible pool of talent covering so many industries and levels of experience. In theory it’s easier than ever to connect with the candidates that are perfect for your business.

However LinkedIn has had a profoundly negative impact on businesses recruitment. Rather than headhunting a pool of perfect candidates, employers are simply doing a search on LinkedIn and contacting the first few dozen qualified candidates. The transition to in-house recruiters using LinkedIn has taken away several key aspects of the headhunting process, such as knowing what the candidate is looking for, finding out if they’re a good fit for your company and even knowing whether or not they’re currently job-hunting.

Using a recruitment agency such as First Base means you’re only presented with pre-vetted candidates. We interview all of our recommendations, so that we know they’ll be a good fit in your business. We ensure you’re not looking at over or under qualified candidates and perform thorough skills checks that prevent any surprises later on. By presenting only the best candidates for your vacancy, we save you time and money, reduce the amount of time to productivity and remove any future costs involved with replacing a bad candidate. To find out more about how First Base can help you call 01453 755330.