2015 is here and many see the new year as a chance for new beginnings. The result of this is that many employees take the opportunity to change where they work. According to the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) a massive 37% of employees plan to leave their current job in 2015. The first monday of the new year has been dubbed ‘Massive Monday’ in response to the increase in people searching for new jobs.

Employment numbers always see a huge fluctuation in January as all those dissatisfied with their place of work leave and join the job hunt, but this year the number of people planning to make a move is uncommonly high. Last year the same survey by the ILM reported only 19% of employees planning to leave their place of work.

The reasons given are revealing:

  • 59% want better development opportunities
  • 56% want a higher salary
  • 31% want to spend more time away from the workplace
  • 30% want better management
  • 27% want more training and development
  • 25% feel under appreciated
  • 18% want more opportunities for flexible working
  • 3% want better options for parental leave

Both December and January see an increase in people leaving their current jobs and the new year  is awash with people looking for career changes. “Time off, especially over Christmas when many see family, is often when people reflect on whether or not they enjoy their work,” Tricia Hay, Owner of First Base Employment explains. “It’s also one of those long periods of holiday when many find themselves not wanting to go back to work. With new year’s resolutions and the increased discussion on personal development, it’s a great time to think about changing careers and indeed, we see a great number of people looking for new jobs.”

Accompanying this, many businesses evaluate their staffing needs in the new year and, with many looking to start 2015 by taking on new staff, it means January is a great month, both for those looking for a new job and for those businesses looking for new employees.

Finding a new job can, however, still be challenging, as can finding employees who are right for your business. First Base can help match candidates looking for work with employers looking for new employees, providing everybody with a strong start to the new year. Find out more by giving us a call on 01453 755330.