Entice New Recruits

As much as you may feel it is you primarily doing the interviewing when a potential new recruit arrives at your office, the process of evaluation is very much a two-way street. From the moment the recruit steps out of their car or bus makes and their way through your office doors, they are busy making semiconscious snap judgements about whether they want to work for you.

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How Is The End Of Travel And Subsistence Allowance Going To Affect Recruiters

For many years, so-called umbrella companies have featured heavily in the world of recruitment. This is soon to end, as from 6th April 2016 contractors will no longer be able to claim travel and subsistence allowances as tax rebates from HMRC. The impact on both contractors and on recruiters is likely to be dramatic,

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Recruitment Search

Your next career move is highly important to you. It may be that you are looking for your:

  • next management role
  • the ideal company to learn and develop your skills with
  • the next four weeks work to get some cash together to go on holiday
  • or the next role to give you the skills you need for your chosen career in customer service

Each job search is an individual as the person looking for it and it’s important that you do a bit of preparation to identify (realistically) the strengths you have.

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Social media has been a mixed blessing for people working in HR. LinkedIn, in particular, sometimes seems to have been designed specifically with hirers in mind. Millions of people use LinkedIn as an online CV, complete with endorsements and references from former employers, candidates and customers. Hirers can find high quality candidates from their required industries and verify background information,

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