Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions

What happens if things don’t work out? Do I get a refund?

As a safeguard, if a temporary member of staff doesn’t work out you will be charged nothing as long as you tell us within the first four hours of the placement.

If you have recruited a permanent member of staff and you have paid within our terms of business (14 days) you are entitled to a refund in line with our sliding scale ranging from 100% to 10% over the first 12 weeks of employment or a free replacement. We’re happy to discuss this, just give us a call. Please note that we will check in regularly during the first 12 weeks to ensure you remain happy – we can’t help if we don’t know that you are experiencing problems.

What will the fee be?

For temporary or interim members of staff these depend on market conditions, the volume of staff we are supplying and the rate of pay you are offering. You pay by the hour, only paying for hours worked per week. Your consultant will discuss any and all fees with you prior to charging you anything.

A permanent member of staff is charged at a percentage of their basic salary as detailed in our TOB’s. Remember we are much like a painter who puts paint brush to paper for 1,000s of man hours before creating the right painting. It may look easy but we speak to hundreds of people every week to get you the right person!

All fees are subject to VAT.

What will you do for us?

We will come out to meet you as soon as possible to get a feel for your work environment and to get to know you, your business and the type of candidate you are looking for.

We will contact all candidates on our database who we feel match your specification as well as actively searching our networks built up over since 1997. Once we have telephone interviewed candidates, we will then invite them into our office for a face to face interview or meet them at a convenient location.

Once we have fully qualified and shortlisted candidates, we will send their CV’s over to you along with a summary of why we feel they would be suitable for your vacancy.

We will then arrange interviews and negotiate an offer or handle rejections as necessary.

Once the offer has been accepted we will request references for you and keep in touch with you and the candidate prior to their starting work.

We will also keep in touch after the candidate has started to see how they are fitting in and getting on with their new role.

Please invest the time up front to ensure we can help you by offering you only the right people – the more information we have, the more defined our search can be.

We will be honest and tell you if we feel you could be more successful when recruiting your next member of staff.

When will I be invoiced?

If you are employing a temporary member of staff you will be invoiced on the Monday following a week worked and will have 14 days to pay.

If you have recruited a permanent member of staff, the invoice will be raised on the day they commence working for you. You will have 14 days to pay.

Please note all fees are subject to VAT

Who pays their holiday pay if I take on temporary staff?

When you employ temporary candidates through First Base Employment you pay a fee per hour – only for the hours actually worked – plus VAT.

This rate covers all regulations including holiday pay, auto enrolment pension liabilities and employers NI. We also look after the Agency Worker Regulations to ensure compliance.

There are no other fees.

If you’d like to take on a temporary member of staff that we have supplied just speak to us – any costs will always be transparent.

Candidate Questions

Why do I have to come in and register?

We like to meet you before submitting your details for any roles as we want to ensure it’s the right fit for you and what you are looking for.

As well as this we need to see proof of your right to work in the UK – regulations dictate that we have to see the original copies. For temporary workers we also need to complete some documentation to ensure you get paid properly and make sure you understand the terms that are in place whilst you are working for us.

We like to meet the person behind the cv – that way we can hand on heart tell clients what you are about.

Whilst I am temping, who is my employer? – We are your employer. The contract in place will be between yourself and First Base Employment although if temping, you will be under the supervision of one of our clients whilst you’re working for them.

What if I find a job through another agency?
That’s absolutely fine. However, we do ask that you give us a call or send us an email so we can ensure we update your records accordingly.
When will I get my P45?
P45’s are issued once you have completed your assignment (or when you have gained a permanent job – hopefully through us). A P45 details all your earnings hence we cannot release it before you finish up with us.
When do I get paid?
You get paid weekly in arrears. You work a week, send us your time sheet and then your pay is processed for the Friday after you have just worked. Once you finish working a temporary assignment, your last pay is paid to you on the Friday following the week you last worked.

Week one – paid end of week two

Week two – paid the end of week three

Two weeks worked (two pay dates)

Please note that we need a signed timesheet from you to pay you correctly

What do you need from me when I register for temporary work?
You need to complete an application form (if you have a cv you can fill in only part), a passport and a note of your NI OR a full birth certificate and a letter stating your NI number such as an NI card, a payslip or a letter from the job centre for example.

We’ll need a P45 from you (or a P46 which we can give you to complete) and your bank details in order to pay you. This is highly important – and the main reason you work, and so please ensure the details are correct. Ask if you have any queries.

Can I say no to a job?

We would much rather you said no up front rather than agreeing to work or attend an interview and then not showing up.

As an agency, First Base Employment are up front and honest about the type of work we ask you to consider. If we know, for example, that the job is monotonous or if someone supervising you is on holiday you will made aware of this.

The choice of whether to be put forward for a job is up to you.

Please be aware though, that if we keep offering you work (the type of which you’ve said you’re interested in) and you keep turning it down, we do need to find people who will undertake the work.

What do I do if I'm sick and can't make it into work?

As a temporary member of our team you should always call us. Ring 01453 755330 24 hours a day to inform us that you’re not well (or of any other reason why you can’t work).

We need to know that you’re not going to be in work before your start time. That way, we can pass on the message for you and hopefully prevent any reason to replace you.

We come across people who don’t really want to work every day and so please note that we are on high alert. Saying that, if your reason for not working is genuine, we will always fight your corner.

As a permanent member of staff, you should always contact your employer.