Temporary Employment

First Base have years of experience helping employers and candidates fill temporary vacancies. We work hard to ensure that we’re transparent to ensure employers and employees are on the same page.


Many employers need short-term staff, either to cover existing employees who are on leave, or because they have projects or orders that require additional employees only until the project is complete or the order is filled.

First Base can help you organise all kinds of temporary contracts. We have a huge database of candidates, across a range of sectors, looking for short-term employment. We even have sector specialists who can help you find the best possible employees for your position.

We even have recruitment consultants dedicated to filling temporary vacancies who can give guidance on employment contracts, and other issues such as making temporary employees full-time or early termination.

Getting Started

First Base get to know your business so that we can find the candidates that are right for you. We’ll organise a visit to your business to talk about your recruitment requirements and get to know you, so that whenever you need staff, whether it’s immediately or in the future, we’re ready with a list of candidates perfect for you.

We offer a guarantee on all of our candidates, if they’re not a good fit, we’ll refund our fee. We’re also incredibly flexible so that if your brief changes, or if your business’s needs change, we can change the candidates that we’re looking for to find you the employees you need. To begin the process, for more information or to request a callback, contact us at enquiries@first-base.co.uk.

Business deal


We are experts at finding short-term work for our candidates. We have a team of sector specialists as well as staff focused on temporary recruitment. We work hard to ensure that everyone is on the same page with short-term contracts and can even line up several short-term contracts in advance with you, so that you have as few breaks in employment as possible.

We have a database of employers and their short-term employee needs so that we can find you an appropriate position as quickly as possible. We can also find you cover work or short-term work while we help you find full-time employment to ensure you remain busy while job-hunting.


Book an appointment today by calling us on 01453 755330, or emailing us at jobs@first-base.co.uk. We’ll set up an appointment for a half hour chat, where we’ll look at your CV and talk to you about the kinds of jobs you’re looking for. It’s an informal interview that focuses on your skills and experience, your availability to work, your ability to travel and the salary you are after. Please remember that you’ll need to bring along your passport or the long version of your birth certificate and an inland revenue document such as a P60, P45 or a coding notice.

We’ll register you onto our database and start looking for vacancies for you immediately.

To find out how First Base can help you, contact us today on 01453 755330